Sensoquad has been appointed as the sole representative partner for Sensotech GmbH in Southern Africa. 


As application specialists in liquids, we can help improve quality and productivity and save resources with a simple measuring method as the sensors have no moving parts that can wear out and are completely maintenance-free.  Sensotech offer a completely enclosed design that does not require gaskets, moveable parts or “optical windows” to the process.


Sensoquad together with Sensotech offer industry-specific complete systems for:

  • Chemistry
    • Concentration, density: alkalis, acids, solvents, salt solutions, emulsions and suspensions
    • Polymerization: synthetic rubber, butadiene solution, resins, polyacrylate, polyvinyl acetate, polystyrene
    • Crystallization: fertilizer/salts, reaction monitoring
    • Phase detection: butanol, butyl alcohol, epoxy resin, ethyl acetate, oil in water, peracetic acid, silicone resin phases, wax melt
    • Multi-component analysis: methanol/formaldehyde, caustic soda/sodiumchloride, sulfuric acid/oleum


  • Pharmacy
    • Concentration, density: solvent, nutrient solutions, active ingredients, emulsions and suspensions
    • Crystallization: active ingredient and nutrient solution
    • Phase detection, reaction monitoring


  • Biotechnology
    • Fermentation: recipe and feed control
    • HPLC: eluate control, solvent concentration


  • Pulp production
    • Digester: cooking liquor
    • Evaporation, boiler house: black liquor


  • Brewery
    • Lauter tun: extract content
    • Wort pan: extract content
    • Filter: original gravity
    • Filler, blending: original gravity, alcohol, Brix


  • Food and beverage industry
    • Concentration: dextrose, acetic acid, fruit extract, fructose gelatin, glucose, coffee extract, evaporated milk, milk, milk powder, whey, oil, juice, sorbitol, starch, soy, palm oil


  • Sugar industry
    • Concentration: thin and thick juice, liquid sugar, crystallization, molasses, syrup


  • Steel and iron
    • Pickling baths: acids, alkalis
    • Coating and cleaning baths
    • Concentration control of rolling and drawing oil emulsions


  • Petro chemistry
    • Concentration: water content, (bio) fuels, additives, liquefied gases andbiogases, alkylation
    • Gas scrubber
    • Phase separation
    • Semiconductor and photovoltaic
    • Etching, coating and cleaning baths
    • Quality control of photoresists
    • Concentration measurement of coating emulsions and suspension


  • Mechanical Engineering
    • Concentration: rolling oil and cleaning baths, coolant and lubricant,drawing oil, antifreeze


  • Plant Engineering
    • Process control and monitoring: blending and filling systems, distillation column, evaporator, extraction plants, crystallizer, separator, gas scrubber, fermenter, filter
    • For new applications, new product data sets can be calculated at any time using your own reference values with the help of our Sonic-Work software. These new data sets can then be stored in the controller.


Approvals and conformance requirements such as ATEX, NEPSI, GOST, CSA, FM or GAMP ensure that LiquiSonic® systems can be installed anywhere in the world and in any industry.


Along with Sensotech’s experience, Sensoquad ensures that your requirements are implemented in a professional manner. We can advise on how productivity, high quality and the minimal use of resources can go hand in hand.

For further information contact Sensoquad

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