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The NSL-F is the next generation of potentiometric technology

Level is one of the broadest categories from Anderson-Negele supported by INSTEK CONTROL. NSL-F Continuous Level SensorAnderson-Negele provides point level solutions using Conductivity as well as Capacitive type sensors, simple single point stand-alone sensors and multi-point systems as required. For continuous applications, they are the leading supplier of inventory as well as control-grade Hydrostatic sensors for vented and non-vented tanks. Anderson-Negele also manufacture rod-type sensors based on the unique Potentiometric technology. These specialized sensors can be installed vertically or angled from top to the bottom of a vessel, or even bent and installed from the side if required.


The NSL-F is the next generation of potentiometric technology.

This Potentiometric Level Transmitter provides accurate reliable measurement in applications involving viscous media or media which creates a head of foam. The NSL-F will ignore the foam head while still providing an accurate reading of the actual media level. While Anderson-Negele’s hydrostatic level technology provides proven accuracy and reliability in atmospheric inventory tanks, applications such as filler bowls and other shallow vessels, pressurized tanks and environments with wide temperature swings can prove challenging for pressure based level systems. Utilizing potentiometric technology, the NSL-F excels in these traditionally difficult applications. Fast reacting, the NSL-F samples level at ten times per second allowing accurate readings while filling or dispensing product.



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