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Konecranes’ new Hook Latch Trigger safety feature

As a first in South Africa, Konecranes is introducing an important new safety feature Hook_latch_trigger Konecranescalled the Hook Latch Trigger which allows for the crane operator to have both hands free to handle the load attachment when inserting or removing it from the hook. It eliminates the risk of finger, hand or back injuries when a lifting device is lifted inside the hook.

Konecranes is installing the triggers now as a standard feature in all Smarton and Uniton trolley/cranes as well as most CXT hoists. The triggers, coated in distinctive red rubber paint, can also be retrofitted to older cranes. They are suitable for both single hooks and Ramshorn hooks.

“The triggers are a significant added safety feature and a huge improvement on the sometimes troublesome standard safety catches”, said John MacDonald, Service, Sales and Marketing director of Konecranes Southern Africa. “The triggers are unique to Konecranes and were developed from a winning entry in a Konecranes ‘idea competition’ in 2011. Since then the product design has been improved upon from the original idea in order to minimize dimension effects, secure operation and to fit a new feature to multiple different hook forging sizes.

“By changing the standard latches to Hook Latch Triggers, you are doing away with the need for two people to fit a chain sling on a standard hook. You are also minimizing the possibility that one person can get hurt fitting a sling alone”, MacDonald added.







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