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Konecranes – 106 years on

Konecranes, today one of the topcrane and hoist companies in the world, started off from Stromberg stables 1910humble beginnings in an old stable in the suburbs of Helsinki, Finland, in 1910. The history of the company is a rich and varied one, with the company growing into a major player in the world’s crane industry. The Group now has over 12 000 employees, at 634 locations in 54 countries, including ten branches in South Africa.

With the advent of the First World War, Kone (as the company was known then) supplied electric motors and machinery to the Russian war effort. In 1930 the company began developing electric hoists. Needing more space, the crane assembly operation moved to Hyvinkää in 1943, where Konecranes Head Quarters still stands today.

In 1950 Kone began producing harbor cranes, and, realizing the need for maintaining their products for their customers, the then novel idea of after sales service was born, which to this day remains a core part of Konecranes’ offerings.

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Konecranes moved into the bulk materials handling business in a big way, delivering turnkey projects to numerous customers abroad. In the early 1990’s it became a publicly listed company on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

In 2009 Konecranes entered into the South African market by acquiring Dynamic Crane Systems in Johannesburg. Two years later the second branch was opened in Durban with branches in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Witbank, Klerksdorp, Richards Bay, Maputo, Ngodwana and Rustenburg following, bringing the total to ten in South Africa today, with others in the pipeline.

Locally Konecranes serves the Automotive, Mining, Steel, Manufacturing, Petrochemical, Power, Pulp & Paper, Shipyard and Waste to Industry markets.

Says John MacDonald, Service, Marketing and Sales Director who joined Konecranes Southern Africa in 2012, “It has been a privilege and at the same time a challenge to have contributed towards the tremendous growth of Konecranes in South Africa. The wealth of experience and technical know-how and back-up within the company as well as the opportunities afforded to the staff, with highly specialised courses around the world, has built us into one of the strongest forces to be reckoned with in the lifting industry today.

“We have a great team and a great spirit, as well as top of the range products and we strive to offer the best service for all makes of cranes and hoists. Despite economically difficult times ahead we believe the company will remain strong – and able to deliver”, MacDonald concludes.

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