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Gumboot reflectors

Visibility and illumination are rarely reported as direct causes of incidents, but are often significant contributory factors. Two suppliers have teamed up to increase miner's visibility and safety with gumboot reflectors. Visual elements significantly impact on accident potential and productivity levels.

While it is readily assumed that visibility could be improved simply by increasing ambient illumination levels, this is often not true in operational conditions, and often not possible in certain mining areas, said Bata Industrial when introducing gumboot reflectors at the Bushveld Safety Forum in Rustenburg in August.
Personal protective equipment (PPE) usually include high visibility, but visibility dulls with dirt, and user applications in extreme temperature fluctuations, like overall tops being removed or folded over trousers, or jackets worn over PPE.
The innovation seeks to overcome the 'silent' risk of poor visibility by using gumboots, being standard issue to mine workers, and one of the only items that are rarely removed at work. Bata Industrial had spent a year in perfecting the application of reflective material to PVC and rubber gumboots. The new gumboots feature reflective strips down the back and on the outside ankle areas, ensuring enhanced visibility of the wearer at night and in low light conditions, even when illuminated by faint light sources. The reflective material has to stand up to the harsh environment in which they are used, so Bata Industrials had turned to 3M, world leaders in reflective materials.

Reflective performance specs

The 3M Scotchlite reflectors are certified to the ANSI /ISEA 107: 2004 American National Standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel and Headwear, for Level 2 retro-reflective performance, and meet the requirements for CAN /CSA Z96-02 High Visibility Safety Apparel.
Tests of the material by 3M show that the retro-reflective performance exceeds the specifications.Abrasion: RA ≥ 100 EN 530 Method 2, 5000 cycles
Flexing: RA ≥ 100 ISO 7854 Method A, 7500 cycles Cold Fold: RA ≥ 100 ISO 4675, -20 °C (-4 °F) Temperature Cycle: RA ≥ 100 12 hours @ 50 °C (122 °F); 20 hours @ -30 °C (-22 °F) Wet Reflectivity: RA ≥ 100 ANSI/ISEA 107-2004, Appendix A.

Bata Industrials gumboots are manufactured to the specifications of SANS 1320-1. All their gumboots now feature the reflective material as well as a removable and replaceable EVA inner sole as standard issue. The inner sole enhances wearer comfort and reduce joint pains and related discomfort.

The reflective application presents the opportunity to brand gumboots with a mine or division name, or a safety logo. The innovation, a first for the industry, has been secured by design and patent applications. Visit: http://www.bataindustrials.co.za/







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