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Deswik to launch new haulage functionality for underground mining

The upcoming version of the Deswik.Suite software from global consulting and technology company, Deswik, will feature new haulage functionality for underground mine operators. The Deswik.LHS for Underground module will let users create and visualize an underground haulage network from a 3D mine model and integrate the results directly with the mine schedule.Deswik

Specifically designed by mining engineers, for mining engineers, the software simplifies the process of calculating haulage metrics for underground mine operations and presents the results in the form of 3D animations. An easy-to-use interface guides users through the process, delivering a simple, speedy experience. Results are amalgamated back into the original schedule in Deswik.Sched (Gantt chart scheduling tool) to ensure single source reporting and enable estimations of truck requirements.

The functionality, currently available as a technology preview, is integrated into Deswik.Suite version 2017.2, where the haulage network can simply be built from the mine design centerlines, which are used as the data source for scheduling. Once the initial setup is complete, the entire life of asset schedules can easily be run in a matter of minutes, using detailed rimpull calculations.

The results of this process can pre-emptively highlight issues with ventilation and congestion as well as give defendable haulage metrics for costing and budgetary purposes.

A fully integrated platform designed for all stages of the mining value chain, the Deswik software suite has been pushing the boundaries in the mine planning space since its inception. Deswik Suite lets mine planners’ complete plans and scenario analysis in one continuous workflow – in some instances, substituting the need for up to eight separate software packages.

Deswik.LHS for Underground will be unveiled at the AusIMM 2017 Underground Operators’ Conference on the Gold Coast, next week. Its easy-to-use interface requires no expert knowledge of haulage modelling or setup, and visitors to the Deswik booth will have the opportunity to interact with the tool and learn how they can use it to execute their mine plans more efficiently.


Working in over 50 countries worldwide, Deswik focuses on delivering engineering efficiencies to all sectors of mining industry (Open Cut Coal, Underground Coal, Open Pit Metals and Underground Metals) through software, consulting and training solutions.

Deswik software frees up your time and gives you the tools and resources to engineer better plans, examine more scenarios and consequently drive lower costs.







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